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Effective PID healing for PV Systems

The PADCON Float Controller offers a unique alternative. It allows the operation of an ungrounded system and simultaneously fights the PID-effect.

Technically, this is realised by actively raising the positive potential. Based on the fact that the modules can no longer see a negative voltage, PID-impaired modules regenerate and are protected in the future.

Until now there was only one solution existing on the market to reduce the PID effect in non-earthed systems. This is based on a single-sided earthing of the system, which entails significant disadvantages. The construction costs of a non-earthed system are substantially cheaper and the

system safety is simultaneously higher. Furthermore, this operating mode also has the advantage of detecting creeping earth faults in good time and the PV system remains functionally capable with a single-side earth fault.

Thanks to this single-fault tolerance, the PV system creates a higher yield than an earthed system, whereby the earth short-circuit results in an immediate yield loss.

The PADCON Float Controller can be installed both in new systems and also in existing systems. The product range offers an appropriate solution for all types of inverters.

Read more about PID in our Brochure "PID-Killer" (download .pdf)

Your benefits at a glance

  • Quick regeneration of PID affected modules

  • Solutions for string & central inverters

  • Increasing module lifetime

  • Instant protection against PID

  • Up to 30% yield increase

  • Easy to retrofit

NIGHT mode (Float Controller CI & SI)
night mode (Float Controller CI & SI)

As soon as the generator voltage drops below a defined threshold value in the evening, the Float Controller increases the PV field to a high, positive potential thus reversing the polarisation effect that arises during operation.
When the generator voltage rises again over a defined threshold value in the morning, the Float Controller automatically switches to standby mode. Both the threshold values and the maximum output voltage can be individually adapted.

DAY mode (Float Controller CI)
day mode (Float Controller CI & SI)

The Float Controller CI also offers the possibility of daytime operation. By increasing the positive potential to <960V, the modules have no negative potential relative to earth during operation and are therefore in a permanently safe condition Due to that PID and TCO can be prevented from happening. Especially for constuction of new PV plants this functionality offers big advantages, exceptionally by using thin film modules.