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Float Controller CI 30

Module protection to fight PID-effect and TCO-corrosion

Float Controller CI 30 handles up to 2.500kWp DC power and therefore it is the perfect solution for central inverter installations and plants with large string inverters.

Operation mode: Day or night mode / Adjustable tresholds

  • Fast recovery of PID affected modules due to 30mA output current
  • Immediate PID/TCO protection
  • Easy installation/retrofitting
  • Increase of plus potential up to 1000V

Float Controller CI30 Installation

Float Controller CI30 Installation

Technical Data

General Information

Application range

Central Inverter / String inverter

Operation mode / Operating range

Day or night mode / Adjustable tresholds

MPPT / device


Max. DC power

2500 kWp

Rise in potential (to ground)

≤ 1000 VDC

Minimum insulation resistance of PV plant

30 kΩ



Outdoor / Indoor



Colour scheme

Blue / structur


Wall mounted

Dimensions & Weight

Housing (width/height/depth)

330/200/120 mm


Approx. 3,16 kg

Input parameters

Supply voltage

24 VDC

Power input

max. 40 W


6,3 A

Measurement PV-

MC4 plug

Measurement PV+

MC4 socket

Output parameters

PV+ Pull up

MC4 socket

Rated output voltage

≤ 1000 VDC

Rated output current

≤ 30 mA

Output signals *** (0-10 V / AO)

PV - PV +

Output voltage of the Float Controller

Output current of the Float Controller

Safety class & Environmental conditions

Safety class according to EN 60529

IP 65

Permissible ambient temperatures

-20 °C to +50 °C

Rel. ambient humidity, non-condensing

Up to 90 %

Altitude above sea level

Max. 2.000 m

* Approval of inverter manufacturer necessary

** 2-8 MPPT / device in conjunction with Multi Connector


FC Power Source

FC Power Source

Outdoor-Power supply for
1 Float Controller CI 30

Multi Connector 8

Multi Connector 8

In PV plants with multi-MPPT inverters the additional installation of a Multi Connector enables the Float Controller CI 30 to deal with up to 8 MPPTs.

FC Compact Station

FC Compact Station

Preconfigured and pre-wired outdoor solution for up to 8 MPPTs incl. Power supply and fuses.

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