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Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

PV plants with an installed capacity of 1 MW or greater than 120 MW – PADCON has experience with all plant sizes and provides tailor-made product solutions for these requirements. For PV systems with central inverters, the PADCON range includes combiner boxes such as the TGA Box or Central Box. The pre-configured and plug & play components are quick and easy to install.

The Sensor Box is used for the decentralised acquisition of operating parameters from PV power plants. In addition to environmentaldata and security-related information, it records current and voltage measurements on both DC and AC side – regardless of the inverter manufacturer. Any additional individual signals required can be recorded in combination with the Extension Input Unit regardless of location.The Power Control Box handles the feed-in management (activepower reduction, reactive power control, cos(φ)) depending on the requirements of the utilities and provides a flexible solution for plant control. Degradation effects on modules due to negative voltage (PID /TCO) can be prevented or halted using the Float Controller. This unique solution allows the plant to be operated with a permanent positive voltage.

The SCADA Main Unit stores all the information recorded on the plant and checks the plausibility of the measured values thanks to the intelligent PV Realtime software. Yield-related faults and alarms are sent directly from the plant to the responsible service engineer by e-mail. Thanks to the open system recorded data can be made available, e.g. via Modbus, to existing database systems or solutions provided by other suppliers. This solution is ideal for plant owners or operators who already have a data warehouse but do not want to forego the advantages of the PADCON SCADA system.

Read more about SCADA in our Brochure (download .pdf)