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Performance Monitoring

Long-term profitable utility scale parks

In addition to the SCADA components and data storage, PADCON supplies the third component for successful and yield-orientated power plant monitoring with its powerful tools and service concepts. The WebPortal is the perfect tool for professional plant monitoring thanks to its clear overview of all key plant parameters and flexible analytical tools.

The daily Yield e-mail directly from the PADCON database provides a quick overview of the daily values of a PV plant. The PADCON Mobile App will allow permanent access to the performance and KPIs of the PV plant. PV Slide Show is an attractive solutionfor a high-profile presentation of the plant performance, CO2 savingsor other relevant information. The web-based Green Marketing tool can be used anywhere regardless of the location and can be adapted to customers requirements

The Ticket System is the ideal basis for plant operators to facilitate the coordination and documentation of fault messages and service calls. Fault messages and alarms are automatically visualised in the form of tickets according to the traffic light system and can be assigned to the relevant service teams around the world. The Control Center is a highlight of the PADCON services. This also provides support with commissioning, installation and maintenance work in addition to proactive plant monitoring and coordination of service calls in the event of faults.

All plant data, service calls, fault messages and intervention by the network operators are recorded in Reports. The customer can choose between different formats and determines the layout and content.

Mobile-App for O&M Services
Webportal Photovoltaic Monitoring